Is an online store, which sells door locks, door handles, fittings for furniture and doors. In to the corporate identity design and in to the web site design we would like to bring simplicity and clarity, which characterize the goods they sell. Inspiration in general, we took our inspiration from old style locks and handles, middle ages castles doors, and also from tattoos sketches.

In the base of the company name there is a world that translates as a lock in English, so because of that we decided to join the store's name first letter, especially Cyrillic letter «3» and the lock together! I have chosen such as kind of style because on one point we wanted to show how beautiful and interesting the locks and handles can be, from other point I wanted to share that clarity and simplicity with which they work, and that is why we chose such colors for the scheme white and black are the simplest colors, and the brown and yellow shades for the packaging paper. Also I used brown and yellow because those are the warm and cosines colors, which associate with the home  idea and especially for the home apartments those goods are designed.

Website design continues identity style. It keeps impression of purity because of new layout and color scheme. Its objective is to provide the client with a streamlined experience, allowing them to easily navigate the services, destinations, and activities that client offers. Guests can make their reservations and payments online, as well as finding all of the information necessary for their needs.

My personal goal in this project is about to consolidate the previous experience, which I taken during working on previous projects, which I did great, on my opinion of course! So I happy to show you the final result.